New infrastructure!

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A better way to host OTServers

A full-featured pre-installed server with the latest TFS pre-configured, sample datapack and a functional website. Customize anything you want, however you like. The choice is yours.

Simple no-tricks pricing

Check out the full service during a free trial before you pay anything.

Dedicated OTS Hosting Service

The same successful formula offered for over 10 years simplified into one simple package at an unbeatable price. There has been more than 700 servers sold since its inception. Get yours and realize your creativity.

What's included

  • 1 dedicated IPv4 Address

  • 4 GB RAM

  • 10 GB SSD workspace

  • 1000/1000 mbps platform uplink connection

  • Game-optimized DDoS protection

  • SSH console access

  • SFTP file access

  • phpMyAdmin for easy MySQL management

  • TLS certificate

  • Preinstalled TFS

  • Preinstalled AAC

  • Optional * subdomain

Low monthly price of

200 PLN

Close to you

Two available locations

You can choose the one closest to the majority of your players. <50 ms ping within continent.

North America

Easy to use

No Linux skills? No problem.

Everything you need is conveniently pre-installed, optimized and secured in your own dedicated space. You will find an intuitive control panel and helpful documentation to guide you in your quest to create a fun game server.

Console screenshot

Deploy faster

Everything you need to launch your game server

With over a decade of experience in building infrastructure, games and reliable services, we know exactly what you will need to succeed — even if you don't.


Use standard protocols and well known, secure programs for file transfer.

SSL Certificates

Your website/AAC is automatically protected by a trusted TLS certificate for free.

Low latency

With two locations to choose from, you can offer your players a stable game connection.

Advanced Security

DDoS-Protected, optimized and secured services, encrypted access and tight firewall.

Powerful control panel

Easily start, stop, restart, check log, access console and manage backups of your server.

Database Backups

Hourly and daily backups available for you to revert to in case of issues.

Frequently asked questions

Can I compile a custom engine from source?
While we provide latest TFS by default, you can replace it with any other engine. Most headers/libraries are preinstalled by default but if you need anything else, you have full root access to install it.
Can I run an .exe server compiled for Windows?
Usually, yes. It is not guaranteed to work correctly but have documentation on how to run Windows executables through the Wine emulator. Many popular old engines work like that. Note that for best performance it is preferred to compile the engine natively on your server.
Can I run more than one game on a server?
Usually, no. Our control panel and automation is tailored to make it easy to run one server. However, we won't stop you, since you have full access to your server, so it may be possible.
Do you offer support?
We offer extensive documentation and a community forum to ask volunteers for help. We do not offer direct support for this service.
What is the ping from ...?
For our European location, the approximate pings are: ~10-52 ms in Europe, ~84-120 ms from USA. For our American location, the approximate pings are: ~80-120 ms from Europe, ~10-50 ms from USA.
Do you offer refunds?
We offer a free trial period for you to test the service before committing. Therefore, we don't usually offer refunds.


What our users say

Number #1 in the global OT community

10 year anniversary

From first-timers to ShadowCores, projects of all caliber have used our Hosting Service. Rely on that experience and launch your project today, without worrying about attacks, open ports, resources or latency.